Sunday, 9 September 2012

Elena Russian Scammer

During November 2011 I recieved an email from someone calling themselves Elena Poperllo, Elena from Russia to be precise. It was obviously a scam. Out of curiosity I decided to follow the scammer on a journey, destination unknown.

Rule No.1 - Never part with cash!
Rule No.2 - Never part with cash

To read the full story, start at with Letter 1, and progress towards Letter 26. After letter 26 all correspondence ceased.

When ever you see *'NAME' that is me. And no my real name is not Adam either ;) 

We have also added a couple of other pages (Blogs) that contain additional information on verious Emails addresses Elena uses along with known photogrpahs and otherstuff. Please feel free to comment in these sections with any new information we have failed to cover.

For a laugh we created a mock up news page, printed it onto the rear of a large envelope and posted it to one of the address Elena likes to give out. We picked the address in Krakovo. Since the creation of this mock up page, we discovered many more photo's and email address reporting to be from Elena the Russian Scammer.

Saturday, 8 September 2012


Possible addrese(s):
Smirnova, house 12
446396 Krakovo
Samarskaya Oblast


2-nd street Mytishchinskaja, the house 2,
Post Code 129626

Griboedova Street
House 13
Apartement 26



 Elena Fake Passport

Alternate Name(s):
Alenka, Eleena, Elen, Elenochka, Eli, Ellene, Helen, Helena, Kabanova, Kipolenas, Lena, Lenaa, Lenchik, Lennochka, Lenochka, Lenusik, Lenusikka, Leushyna, Lenusya, Leushyna, Lleena, Poperllo, Sazonova, Yelena

Elena Russian Scammer- The Video's

  4 videos, there might be more..

Elena Russian Scammer- Known Photographs

Two Photo's of Elena and her friend with the black hair. Where could the resturant with the black mental puffer fish be located?

Behind Elena many steps possibly leading to a Municipality. Could this photo offer clues as to Elena's real wearabouts ?

Elena wearing the white vest with Union Jack Flag. What is that black structure behind Elena ? some sort of bridge crossing a river. What river could it be ?

 Elena. Look behind her, a river. Probably the same rive as seen in the shot above to the shot above.

Elena wearing the white vest with Union Jack Flag. Be took the original image (top) and brightened it up (bottom) and more information was revealed. It looks like a pool of some sort surrounded by pubbles and wood.

Elena out and about in various establishments.

Standing outside apartment no. 438 could this be Elena and her Mother ?
..or a neighbour duped into posing for a photograph.

 Possibly taken in the same apartment hallway as in the shot showing Elena and her Mother.

 Elena outside. What is that long black pipe in the background - an oil pipe or something ?

Elena outside. Where could this be ?

Elena wearing the red top inside the apartment. 

Elena inside the apartment cont. She appears to be showing off new cloths. No doubt paid for by scamming unsuspecting victims.

 Elena inside the apartment cont. Flirting.

Elena inside the apartment cont.Kitchen. What does the writing on the wall say ?

Elena and Friends. I bet they are pleased Elena sends their photographsaround the world.

 The many faces of Elena.. 

Elena - Other photographs. They keep on showing up!

UPDATE: 18th November 2012

This image appears during a video we discovered on YouTube.

Naturally, the video is about Russian Scammers